AD5000 - Proffesional Practice 


I found this module very enjoyable. Every task that made it up was very phsyical and wasn't based completely around writing like the theory module. It was more focused on going out and perfecting practical skills and recording them which was a system I really enjoyed doing.

The work experience I found to be very helpful for myself as a budding illustrator, especially visiting Richard Baldwin, a proffesional commercial artist as it gave me an insight as to how a proffesional works and what the job can entail. I think the fact that Richard had clearly made himself a very sustainable, healthy living as well was inspiring to me and has given me new energy and enthusiam within my own studies. it was also great to do a few commisions, selling my own art has definitely given me more confidence in my own ability and helped me to understand how commisions work.

THe lectures and workshops as well, taught me alot about illustrtation as a proffesional practice and i felt informed me alot whilst being entertaining and interesting to listen to and reflect upon. The guest visitors in particular were very entertaining and inspiring.

Overall, I have really enjoyed the module and felt it has taught me many skills and given me more confidence in taking forward my own practice.